1. Franc Dicaire

    Good morning Hank, than you so much for a wonderful show and always an excellent playlist. We particularly enjoy this morning’ s choice of music . We loved the song by Jerry Reed but could not catch the title. Would you please let us know ?
    Thanks, Best regards, Ernie & Franc.

  2. Ernie Gemmel

    Your show is truly one of the highlights of my weekend. A soothing morning of Candy Crush, coffee and a fantastic assortment of country music and off the wall stories. Keep up the great work and know that your show is greatly appreciated in this age of empty radio waves crammed full of crap music (not all of it) and advertisement.
    Cheers Ernie
    (yes, another ernie commenting, not the same ernie as previously commented. In fact, everyone should know at least one ernie to have a complete life).

  3. D. Bujold

    Good Morning,

    I was listening yesterday March 11, 2017 and heard you play a rendition of Crazy. Could you tell me who the singer was. She was amazing..


  4. Francine Guernon

    Thank you so much for playing my big favorite George Fox, I really appreciate.
    Francine Guernon from Terrebonne, Qc.

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