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K103 Radio Bingo
It’s the hottest game in town!

This is the “All Shook up” game. It is a separately purchased card which is red in color, you will be playing for a full card. There are 4 different Elvis games available. Each Elvis game represents a different prize value.

This week’s “All Shook Up” numbers

Elvis 1 is worth $200 + $125
Elvis 2 is worth $300 + $125
Elvis 3 is worth $400 + $125
Elvis 4 is worth $500 +$125

A 25$ bonus will be added to each Elvis game for every week it is not won within 49 numbers or less. The game will continue play for the full card using the prize structure which ranges from $200-500 with occasional bonuses.

This weeks (March 24) Jackpot is: $1500.00

The Last Chance Lottery is: $670.00

This week’s LCL number is: #289

Loonie Prize:  $1234.00

K103 Radio Bingo broadcast airs on CKRK K103.7 FM every Friday @ 7:30 PM (unless otherwise specified)

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