New Interim Principal for Kahnawake Survival School

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Treena Delisle is stepping in as Interim Principal at Kahnawake Survival School.

According to a press release from the Kahnawake Education Center this afternoon, Delisle will start in the role on Monday.

Principal Jackie Leclaire is scheduled to return to the school on Friday morning (Dec.7) – however, it will be in a new position as Associate Principal of the KSS Senior School. According to the release, Leclaire will return to her position as a teacher at the KSS Middle School in September 2019.

Wahiakatste Diome-Deer is moving into the role of Associate Principal for the KSS Middle School.

This means Earlyn Sharpe, who stepped in after Leclaire took a leave of absence in September of this year, will move back into her role as Associate Director of Education at the Kahnawake Education Center.

More to come.

KSS principal could return soon, says Sharpe

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The Kahnawake Survival School’s interim principal, Earlyn Sharpe, says the school’s principal could be returning soon.

“We’re working to get word on when the principal will be returning and we think that’s going to be pretty soon,” said Sharpe in an interview with K1037 News.

“My position at KSS was always interim,” said Sharpe. “I’m not the official principal there, I just stepped in to take over for a short period of time,” she said.

Sharpe came under fire at the Kahnawake Combined Schools Committee AGM on November 27th and says this past week has been ‘rough’.

On Friday, students from the KSS staged a walkout. A meeting was held between teachers, parents and administration on Friday afternoon.

Sharpe stepped into the interim principal role earlier in the Fall after principal Jackie Leclaire took a leave of absence.  Sharpe says, after Leclaire’s return, she will move back into her original position as Associate Director of Education for the Kahnawake Education Centre – a position she has held alongside her role as Dean of Pedagogy.

“I’m looking forward to when everything is resolved,” said Sharpe. “That Jackie comes back in, and we have a plan to keep moving forward with education the best that we can to meet the needs of the students and the community. That’s what it’s about,” she said.


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