Street names almost ready for Emergency responders in Kahnawake

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The new Emergency Location Map is almost ready for use. Director of Public Safety, Arnold Lazare says increasing growth in Kahnawake can mean confusion for some emergency first responders. A new mapping project which assigns a physical address to all locations in Kahnawake, will ensure first-responders get where they need to go: “There’s been instances in the past because of confusion, response was delayed by 5, 10, 20 minutes. By having this system responders will know exactly where they’re going which can make a big difference in fire rescue and police.” Lazare says the Map will not result in street signs on the territory and that the data is intended only for emergency services and will not be usable for services such as Amazon or UPS. Kahnawa’kehró:non are being invited to verify their location on the map and find out more information about the system at   this Wednesday and again Wednesday, December 19th. Lazare says fridge magnets and phone stickers will be created to ensure community members know and remember their emergency ID number. He says they hope to have the system up and running by late January.

Cannabis Law Passed in Kahnawake

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Kahnawake’s Cannabis control law was enacted at the weekly Mohawk Council Chiefs meeting on Monday. 11 Chiefs voted in favour while Carl Horn was against the law. In a press release, Mohawk Council Chief Rhonda Kirby said:  With today’s passage of the Law, the task of creating all of the proper bodies, regulations and other mechanisms begins.”  The MCK will now set about appointing the three-person Cannabis Control Board –the board will operate at arm’s length from the MCK. The Board’s responsibilities include establishing minimum and maximum sale prices for cannabis products; as well as determining the percentage of sale royalty which non-Ohnkwehowe consumers must pay, and the amount of “community contribution” that must be paid by producers and consumers on the Territory, until the Board and regulations are enacted.

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