Highway 30 land Returned to Kahnawake

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The Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke announced that 13.76 hectares or 34 acres – comprising Parcel E has been officially accepted by the Federal Government in a move that brings the land closer to returning to reserve status under full control and jurisdiction of the community. Parcel E was formerly held by the Ministère des transports du Quebec and is located at the end of the Old Chateauguay Road. It is part of the agreement to return 700 acres to Kahnawà:ke following the extension of Highway 30. Parcels A through D are located on the north side of Highway 30. In October 2017, Parcel D, consisting of nearly 225 acres located on the north side of Highway 30 adjacent to Chateauguay, was the first of the five designated parcels officially returned to reserve land status.

Kanesetake Radio Station May Lose Signal

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Our sister radio station in Kanesetake is facing an uncertain future because of a new application in front of the CRTC. CKHQ community radio has been operating at 101.7 FM for the last 31 years. It is authorized by the CRTC but it is considered an unprotected signal. However a group in nearby Lachute has applied for a liscence for a 300 watt radio station on the very same frequency. CKHQ broadcasts currently with a 50-watt transmitter and can only be heard in the community. A station that is 6-times as powerful and just 27 kms away, would certainly overwhelm the Kaenesetake radio station.

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