Highway 30 lands returned to Kahnawake

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More than one-third of the Highway 30 lands are now back in Kahnawake’s possession. The Department of Indigenous & Northern Affairs Canada informed the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake that it has transferred 224.82 acres of land adjacent to Autoroute 30. Grand Chief Joe Tokwiro Norton appeared on the K103 Partyline Talkshow. “This is very quick in terms of, usually it takes years for something like this to happen. When a process like this takes place where there’s an application. But because of the pressure of the court case on the government of Canada, knowing full well that we were pressuring them too that they moved very quickly on this that the land was transferred  over. But there still has to be some discussions that have to take place.” Joe Delaronde, the Political Press Attaché at the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake says Lot D is part of 500 acres that have so far been agreed upon. The other half of that parcel, namely lots A, B and C, are about to be handed back to Kahnawake. Yet there are still another 200 acres of land that have yet to be agreed upon by both sides.

Mercier and Hwy 20 Weekend Closures

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Roadwork on the Mercier Bridge this weekend, will limit it to 1 lane in each direction. It begins at 11 pm tonight until 5 am Monday morning. The Airlie street entrance towards Kahnawake will also be closed.

Multiple ramps will be closed from midnight tonight until 5 a.m. Monday. The Decarie South to Route 136 East, Highway 20 East to Route 136 East, Highway 720 West to 20 West, and Highway 720 West to 15 South. Highway 20 West will also be closed between the Angrignon exit and the St. Pierre Interchange for the weekend.

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