Kahnawake Survival School Girls Place 1st in 2017 GMAA Wrestling Championships, KSS Boys Place 2nd

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Loyola takes home this year’s boys GMAA wrestling championships. KSS came in second. As for the girls teams, KSS came in first. The gold medalists for KSS are Jorden Goodleaf, Teiotsatohnten Diabo, Tiakotierohnton Diabo, Kennikahontesha Montour, Stella McComber, Wenhniseriiostha Goodleaf and Kawennihtha Kirby. The KSS silver medalists are Trinity Jacobs, Tekahnekake Stacey, Landon Glasgow and Dean Brascoup.

Casino, Hotel, Water park coming to K-Town?

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A proposal with detailed plans is circulating in Kahnawake that would bring a hotel, water park and casino to the territory. Lee Thomspon’s name is on the document as the backer of the multi-million dollar entirely privately funded project. It would be nearly 221 000 square feet and include an 800 room hotel that would be built on the land adjacent to the old Maddie’s place. In the document, Thomspon says the project would bring in $100 million dollars a year to the community and create 1500 jobs. K103 News has reached out to organizers who have said they will be prepared to speak on Tuesday.

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