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New details of the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake Housing scandal are emerging as the problem deepens for hundreds of community members.
Letters were sent out 2 weeks ago by registered mail to all of the clients whether they pay rent or own a mortgage through the MCK.
Even though Chief financial Officer Paul Rice said nobody would be evicted, it’s unclear who will be on the hook for the cash payments that were allegedly made to Leah Horn while she worked in the housing department, if the clients can’t produce the non-official receipts that she signed and remitted to them.
Paula Paul is one of those clients – she has been renting a town apartment for years, and she was told that she owes $26 510 in unpaid rent. Rent she says she paid in cash while she worked in the Social Development office from 2012 to 2015.
Paula Paul: “I’m baffled, I mean I’ve supplied, what was it? 2,4,6,8,9 receipts and they didn’t even credit it on this one (the receipt that they gave her).”
Paul Graif: “Yeah because they never saw that money allegedly right?”
Paula Paul: “Allegedly.”
Those receipts equal only $3985 of the portion she owes. That amounts to ust 15% of what she says she paid.
Paul Rice would not consent to an interview despite several requests made by K1037 news, instead he demanded that the questions be sent beforehand. This was his unedited reply to several of those questions.
Paul Rice: “So we’ve sent out statements to all clients so that they have the most up to date information on their accounts. We’ve also included a letter with instructions if clients have any questions or concerns about the payments, fees, rents, interest rates, or anything else. All clients will have the opportunity to come in and meet to discuss their account. We will begin calling clients directly next week and we will not take any action on amounts owed or evictions until we have concluded our assessment.”