MCK Housing Payments Scandal Expands

Written by on June 15, 2018

K1037 News has learned that the housing scandal at the MCK extends beyond the town apartments and rental units in Kahnawake. It appears that it has affected mortgage loans as well.  Johnny Jacobs has shown K1037 News receipts signed by Leah Horn for payments of thousands of dollars made on his mortgage over a 4-year period. Horn is listed as the Social Housing Administrator at the MCK. Jacobs admitted he was in arrears 4 years ago, that’s when Horn called him and told him to come to her office to pay. Jacobs said he always paid her in cash. Horn’s name was also signed to the receipts of Tammy Whitebean and Ricky Diabo who were facing eviction from the town apartments. They say they also paid Horn in cash in her office. Several messages were left for Horn by K1037 News, to which she has not replied. Jacobs says he first brought this matter to the attention of the housing department 2 months ago.  When reached a short while ago on further details and to when they first learned of this problem? The MCK said they have no further comment until the investigation is complete in a month’s time.

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