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Hit and Run in Kahnawake

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There was a hit and run in Kahnawake on Sunday.

Kahnawake Peacekeepers gave chase to a vehicle that hit a 60 year old woman on a bicycle at about noon near McCombers Convenience. The victim’s sister told K103 news that the car blew through a stop sign, causing the accident.

The chase was called off a short while later as a matter of public safety.
Police say the suspect has been identified as a 25 year-old Kahnawake male. He remains at large. He was driving a Black 2005 Grand Prix.
The woman was taken to hospital. Her sister says she likely suffered a concussion, hurt her shoulder and back as well.

Suspicious Package reported at Mercier Bridge

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There was a suspicious package reported on the Mercier Bridge this morning. The Surete du Quebec confirm to K103 News that a call came in at 6:30 this morning to 9-1-1. They along with the Kahnawake Peacekeepers and the Transport Ministry have conducted an investigation of the span and the up and down ramps and have not found any problems. The bridge was never closed. Checks and a search remain in progress according to the SQ and the Kahnawake Peacekeepers.

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