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3-year Playground Poker pilot project begins

A new era in gambling has begun in Kahnawake. 

Playground Poker Club customers can now use newly installed Electronic Gaming Devices. The Club held a soft opening last night with friends and family only and opened up for business in the newly expanded space this morning. It’s part of a 3-year pilot project that began Wednesday as the license officially went into effect.  

“In terms of the type of games: it’s your classic reel-based games,”
said Mac Kirby, a co-licensee at Playground Poker. “So no games like poker or that would mimic table games that you would find in a casino.” 

Kirby said they have 330 machines that will be in use from 9 am to 4 am, 7-days a week.

“We want to see direct benefit to community,” said Mohawk Council of Kahnawake Chief Gina Deer who holds the Gaming Portfolio. “We’ve been looking at public and private partnerships and this is one of them. We’re optimistic that this will work out well for all parties involved,” Deer said. 

Playground paid $25,000 for their license and fees in the first year to the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. The license is then $10, 000 dollars a year after that. But it does not include the royalties that are being paid to MCK.

The royalties to be paid to the MCK are 1-million dollars per year for each of the three years of the pilot project. The one million dollars per year is a minimum amount – Playground says there is no limit on how much they can give back.

New Interim Principal for Kahnawake Survival School

Treena Delisle is stepping in as Interim Principal at Kahnawake Survival School.

According to a press release from the Kahnawake Education Center this afternoon, Delisle will start in the role on Monday.

Principal Jackie Leclaire is scheduled to return to the school on Friday morning (Dec.7) – however, it will be in a new position as Associate Principal of the KSS Senior School. According to the release, Leclaire will return to her position as a teacher at the KSS Middle School in September 2019.

Wahiakatste Diome-Deer is moving into the role of Associate Principal for the KSS Middle School.

This means Earlyn Sharpe, who stepped in after Leclaire took a leave of absence in September of this year, will move back into her role as Associate Director of Education at the Kahnawake Education Center.

More to come.

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