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MCK Upset with Supreme Court

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The Mohawk Council of Kahnawake is disappointed with one of the Supreme Court landmark rulings that affect the Chippewa of the Thames. The ruling allows Enbridge to proceed with the reversal of its Line 9 pipeline in Ontario. The Court argued that the Chippewa were warned well in advance. The MCK had intervened in the case to support the Chippewa, arguing that direct Crown consultation with Indigenous People was required, and that the National Energy Board’s process was not a good substitute for the consultation. However, the other ruling was good news for the Inuit of the Nunavut community of Clyde River, as it stated there will be no seismic testing in the waters of Baffin Bay by a Norwegian Consortium.

Chiefs in Isle of Jersey for Meetings Regarding Mohawk Online Limited

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Mohawk council Grand Chief Joseph Tokwiro Norton and chief Gina Deer are in the Isle of Jersey this week for the annual Board Meeting of Mohawk Online Limited. From now until Friday, they will attend meetings with the Isle of Jersey official commissions for the Gaming and Financial sectors. They will also meet with key Ministers that support the online gaming industry.

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